Date added: Monday, 21 February 2011 New STAX Earspeakers Range Arrive In The UK - SRS-2170 / SRS-3170 / SRS-4170 and SR-507

New STAX Earspeakers Arrive in the UK

STAX's newest range of 2011 earspeakers have finally made it to the UK from Japan. Featuring an all new design and improved performance over the previous version the new systems are available in Basic, Classic and Signature guises. When going up in the range the performance of the energiser and the earspeakers improves. The Basic system comes with a Class-A DC energiser and works up to a  vacuum driver on the SRM-600tS which comes with the SRS-4170 Signature system.

STAX have been developing high quality products since 1938, originally producing high quality condensor type microphones. Their first complete electrostatic earspeaker was released in 1951, called the SR-1 and since then STAX have been continually researching and developing their own electrostatic earspeakers. Now 60 years on STAX release their latest generation 70 Series. 

Latest Features;

  • Brand new earspeaker case made of less resonant resin material
  • New Class-A DC energiser on SRM-252S
  • Higher quality driver unit on SR-407 which can also be found on Lamda Series SR-507
  • New style arc assembly on SR-507 with 10 click slider mechanism
  • Genuine leather earpads on SR-507 earspeakers


STAX SRS-2170 Basic SystemSTAX SRS-2170 Basic System

The basic system is a high cost-performance combination of SR-207 and SRM-252S compact-size driver unit still keeping the high-quality sound and high performance of the electrostatic earspeaker.

Body color:
SR-207 : Black

The SRS-3170 is a standard combination system of the SR-307 with the sound element featuring the same new material "super engineering plastics" diaphragm as upper models and the SRM-323S solid-state DC amplifier with all-stage direct-coupled balance output circuit configuration.

Body color:
SR-307 : Grey

STAX SRS-4170 Signature SystemSTAX SRS-4170 Signature System

The SRS-4170 is a high-quality combination system of the earspeaker SR-407 (Signature) employing the same sound element as the new Λ series SR-507 and the SRM-006tS driver unit with the vacuum tube output stage.

Body color:
SR-407 : Brown


STAX SR-507 Λ (lambda) series EarspeakerSTAX SR-507 Lambda Series Earspeakers

The first SR-Λ (lambda) series was introduced 30 years ago, and now the SR-507 has accomplished further evolution with its new sounding body (sound element).The sound element has employed a simple structure so that the entire diaphragm area can be effectively used to produce sound in comparison with its external size. Taking advantage of the conventional feature, the new sound element has been packaged in a tough resin case. Offering the best comfort available whilst wearing due to it's 10 click adjustment and sheepskin earpads.

We are also able to supply genuine STAX Spares and Accessories such as the STAX HPS-2 Hokkaido Wood Stand the CPC-1 earspeaker cover and we can also supply the spare or replacement 5 Pin PRO BIAS leads in either 2.5 Metre or 5 Metre lengths.